Introducing the Trio pack of Ethiopian Sidama Coffee.

All coffee is imported from Ethiopia. We do not add preservatives or additives.  We import and roast per order. As a micro-roastery, we roast upon receipt of an order. You can be sure that your order is shipped as a fresh roast.

Save 25% when you purchase the Trio packs.

Click SELECTIONS to see choices. Choose between:

  • Variety Pack - The variety pack offers a full pack of each style of coffee (Unroasted Green Coffee, Roasted Whole Bean and Ground Roasted Coffee)
  • Whole Bean Roasted - Receive 3 packs of freshly roasted whole bean coffee
  • Ground Roasted - Receive 3 packs of freshly roasted and Ground coffee
  • Green Unroasted Coffee Beans- Receive 3 packs of the raw unroasted green coffee

Coffee is imported from Ethiopia.


100% Arabica Coffee

(Single Origin)

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