The Ethiopian Calendar

Black History Month information sharing... Did you know that Ethiopia has its own calendar?

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Ethiopian Coffee

For all the coffee aficionados, I am pleased to highlight our Trio of coffee, suited to please every palate.

All of our coffee originates in Ethiopia where it grows pretty much everywhere. However, for large consumption, they are grown on coffee farms.

All coffee starts out as green. The coffee is in the berries that grow on the plant. 

We import the coffee in its raw, unroasted state and make it available in various forms. Many home roasters prefer to obtain the coffee in its raw form to enable them to roast it in the comfort of their home. This is optimal for the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

For others, they prefer to purchase coffee roasted, but whole bean. This enables them grind the coffee close to the time they plan to consume it. Nothing like a freshly ground morning cup of coffee. We roast the coffee locally ourselves.

For the majority of us, we prefer to get up and make a fresh brew that is already ground, this enables us to start our day quickly. This works great for me.

We offer all 3 varieties. Please check us out often.

Red Ginger Spices Ethiopian Coffee


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