Red Ginger Spices Ethiopian coffee ceremony

A Taste of coffee

Jordan Melaku

So, I am still on a coffee kick.

I am probably a coffee addict. But, I truly enjoy a good cup of coffee. I don't like it too strong, or too burnt, I do need it to be smooth, and really good. If it is really good, I can drink it black or with cream and sugar.

I can honestly say that Ethiopian coffee, Sidamo or Yirachaffe is really good coffee. It is single origin, not mixed with other coffees, and does not have an after taste.

I had the pleasure of visiting Ethiopia earlier this year, and was in heaven as I got to enjoy freshly roasted and ground coffee every day. It is amazing, how common it is to find freshly roasted coffee, not only in coffee shops and also served by street vendors, and also in the home. The average home has someone roasting fresh coffee daily.

I have the honor of also importing green coffee beans from Ethiopia and roasting it for my customers. You have to try it and let me know your thoughts. You can purchase it green and try roasting it yourself, or we can roast and grind it for you. Your choice. Check out our offerings:

Coffee plants growing wild in Ethiopia!!    

Red Ginger Spices Wild Coffee Plan

&  Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopia

Red Ginger Spices Jebena Ethiopian Coffee Pot  








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